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Pre-Season General Meeting

Upcoming General Meeting

Please join us at our pre-season General Meeting which will be held on April 2, 2019 at 6:30 PM at the DDO Civic Centre, downstairs Reception Hall.

At this meeting, we will discuss the some of the off-season "happenings" and introduce the 2019 Captains.


Following this meeting, the captains will remain to select their 2019 Draft positions in preparation for the Big Draft to be held on Sunday April 28, 2019 (6:30 PM Sharp).



by posted 02/20/2019
2019 Captains


Announcing our 2019 Captains!

Returning are:

Louie Wilk & Danny Wilk

Gord Bloom & Luigi Verrucci

Harley Schwartz & Stuart Schwartz

Todd Halperin & Murray Sklar

Steve Marer & Jeff Tabacman

Larry Shapiro & Anthony Wolfe

Jeff Kosow & Michael Rabinovitch

Neil Ram & Howard Pascal

Earl Levett & Lorne Rubin

Marc Shade & Robbie Cohen

Glen Rosenberg & Mark Solomon


And welcoming our newest pairs:


Danny Azoulay & Mitch Perlman

Ash Ilkhani & David Friedberg

Jason Koropatkin & Rodney Shapiro


.... and now the build up to the draft begins !!!

by posted 01/08/2019
Emmis Wins !

Its the TRUTH!

Team Emmis is crowned the 2018 Champions !

A perfect 8-0 playoff run!



Congratulations to:

Captains Danny & Louie Wilk
Steve Eichler
David Friedberg
Ron Guerriero
Elliott Jagodnik
Irwin Kastner
Guy Keshles
Jacob Mechaly
Marvin Reiskind
Rodney Shapiro
Dave Weiss
Harvey Weiss
Gabor Zechmeister






by posted 09/27/2018
Field Status
Edward Janiszewski Park - DDO TBD (3/24) 
Interested in Playing?

         Must be 35 years or over        as of December 31

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Emmis Louie Wilk
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Jeff Tabacman
  Anthony Wolfe
Larry Shapiro
  Earl Levett
Lorne Rubin
  Marc Shade
Robbie Cohen
  Howard Pascal
Neil Ram
  Glen Rosenberg
Mark Solomon
  Jeffrey Kosow
Michael Rabinovitch
  Gord Bloom
Luigi Verrucci
  Ash Ilkhani
David Friedberg
  Danny Azoulay 
Mitch Perlman
  Jason Koropatkin
Rodney Shapiro
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Emmis Wins !