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Super Sunday # 1 Wrap up


What happens when your food supplier cancels with just a few days until our Super Sunday?


Les 3 Maria's to the rescue!

On behalf of all 196 players, we want to thank Luciano (Looch) for organizing this fantastic day, and to Bobby, Jay, and Andrew (Maria 1, Maria 2, and Maria 3 ???) for stepping up in the last moment to make sure that the appetites of all were met.  The delicious food kept our belly's full!  It was overheard that this was just a tease of what is served at the restaurant!  Absolutley nothing like chicken prepared on charcoal!


Thank you as well to the Captains and the umpiring crew for making the games move along swiftly, all the helpers making this day SUPER - and of course mother nature for keeping the rain away!


by posted 06/10/2019
Super Sunday # 1

June 9. 2019


Here comes our first Super Sunday!

Lunch will be supplied by Les 3 Maria’s (Bobby & Jay & Andrew) serving: A quarter chicken (chef’s choice), Salad and Fries, Piri Piri sauce and a Soft drink.

All food must be pre-ordered through your captains.  If any family member would like to place an order it must be done beforehand as well for a cost of $12.

Food will be served from 12:00PM to 8:00PM.

Lets make this into another fun, family day.  


Super Sunday Guidelines 2019


We are implementing special rules and procedures in order to allow all 14 teams to play on Super Sundays. With the cooperation of our captains, we are confident that we will complete all the games, weather or unusual circumstances (injuries, problems with field, etc.) notwithstanding. In the interest of keeping the games moving at a brisk pace, the following rules will be enforced:


  1. Dragging of field between games will take priority over taking an infield if time is limited.
  2. Taking an infield will not take precedence over scheduled start time.
  3. Any talks with umpires and your teams should be finished before the scheduled start time.
  4. 5 pitches at start of game per side and for each new pitcher. All subsequent innings will allow a 1 pitch warm-up and then back to the pitcher.
  5. After each recorded out, the ball goes directly back to pitcher (NO around the horn at all during the game).
  6. Captains must limit their on-field strategizing during games (particularly if this involves captains coming in from the outfield).
  7. Games will be played to a shorter time limit than other regular season games.
  8. No new inning can start after the 1:40 mark. An inning that has begun prior to the 1:40 mark shall be played to its completion. Thus, a game beginning at 8:30 cannot start a new inning after 10:10, a game beginning at 12:30 cannot start a new inning after 2:10, etc.
  9. Any game that does not complete 7 innings (or 6.5 if the home team is leading) will be called a suspended game. In this case, team captains should take note of current inning status (runners on base, outs, sits, batting order, etc.) to maintain integrity when the game resumes. When the teams are brought back, they will play to the completion of 9 innings.
  10. If 7 innings (or 6.5 if home team is leading) have been played and an inning began before the 1:40 mark, and the teams are tied after that full inning of play, the game will be considered a tie.
  11. If teams are tied after 9 innings, and they have not reached the 1:40 mark, then extra innings can be played.
  12. 7 run cap per inning with the last inning “open” Umpires are urged to meet with the Captains prior to the game starting to make sure rules for Super Sunday are understood.
  • Note, the open inning does not necessarily have to be the 9th inning. When the 1:40 minute is approaching the umpire will use his discretion when calling last inning. Whatever inning he calls as last inning will be the open inning.


Umpires have full discretion to move the games along, including enforcing timely between and during inning transitions and conversations. If there is some manipulation regarding unreasonable delays in the umpire’s judgment, particularly close to the 1:30 mark, the umpire can require the teams to play an extra inning and the offending captains will be reported to discipline.


Time Caveat: An inning is considered started as soon as the last out of the previous inning is made. Official time is based on the time on the home plate umpire’s cell phone/watch, or the base umpire’s cell phone/watch if plate umpire does not have a phone with him.


by posted 06/07/2019
Team Stokes celebrating first win of season


by posted 05/28/2019
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