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Danny's Opening Odds - 2019

Physiomentum drafted similar style team from last year good offense lots of high scoring games I love David Sasson but not in the eight round 40-1

Las Vegas watch Graeme Hampton for ROY I love Adam Cohen but not in third round 40-1

Nikkos lets wait and see 25-1

Stokes could be another long season 50-1

Emmis and Eichler - Eichler's 10 year 250 mill contract was not renewed  15-1

SLF another solid draft by the two time bridesmaids signing Eichler to a one year 30 mill contract 15-1

Dagwoods rookie captains will be in for long summer 50-1

CAB I love Gary Litwin in the eight round 60-1

Fortinet could surprise Abracen under pressure 50-1

Altius rookie captains might not make the playoffs 100-1

Webguard very disappointing draft might miss playoffs 100-1

Tarvy lets wait and see 50-1

TMTC i need more time 100-1

JABS another weak draft 200-1